Car-related injuries from a Biloxi vacation can cause headaches

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Biloxi is a popular destination for vacations and road trips. After all, Biloxi is essentially the premiere casino destination for the region. There aren’t many other great options for people who want to gamble or experience the fun and frivolity common at casinos. You may expect to lose some money at the craps table, but you probably wouldn’t have bet on experiencing an accident during your trip.

Whether you get struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian or end up in a crash caused by another driver, a vacation injury is more than an unpleasant end to your fun times. It can also cause serious financial issues, especially if you’re visiting from out of town or out of state. Understanding the potential impact of a vacation accident and injury can help you prepare for a worst case scenario.

You may end up missing work or rescheduling flights

Most people understand that a car crash or a pedestrian-vehicle accident will result in substantial medical bills. What they don’t always consider, however, are the secondary expenses that build up. You likely budgeted for your vacation and intended to return to work after you got home. After suffering injuries in a crash, however, you could miss days, weeks or even months of work as you recover.

Another cost you likely wont have considered is the expense related to delayed travel. If you had plane, train or bus tickets (or a rental vehicle), delaying your return could mean buying new tickets or paying rental fees for many more days. Your family members may need to pay for a hotel while waiting for your discharge from the hospital as well.

Out-of-network care can result in major expenses

Unless you live quite close to Biloxi, you could find yourself in a difficult situation in regard to your medical insurance as well. Even if you have a great policy, your coverage serves you best at facilities that are in-network for your policy. In-network care providers have agreed to the discount pricing rates for your specific insurance policy plan. Costs are usually much higher at out-of-network facilities.

Even worse, care at out-of-network medical practices may not count toward your deductible. That could mean you end up saddled with massively inflated costs for the care you do receive and that you are responsible for paying that amount in full.

In many cases, the person who caused the accident may be liable for damages

The combined costs of missing work, extending your stay, changing your travel plans and dealing with out-of-network pricing can mean a massive financial burden for your family. If your injuries are the result of a mistake or negligence on the part of a driver, that person may be liable for your losses. You should take the time to explore your options to offset the impact of your injuries, such as an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

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