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Serving Clients In South Mississippi: Gulfport Contested Divorce Attorney

Are you considering filing for divorce, or has your wife or husband decided to divorce you? Are you having marital problems and struggling with major, life-changing decisions involving your children, your finances and your future?

Deciding to pursue divorce is one of the most difficult and emotional decisions you will ever make, particularly if you have children. Divorce also involves financial matters that must be resolved and legal issues that must be addressed. A family law attorney at our firm can help you understand the basic issues involved in divorce and take a rational approach to the divorce process.

The worry and pressures associated with family law problems are serious. They can take over your life and make it extremely difficult to focus on children, work and your health. The best decision you can make is to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable divorce attorney in Biloxi who will hear you out, explain Mississippi family law in plain English and help you find the best way to get through this major life challenge.

Putting Your Interests First And Finding The Best Path To Resolution

While every family and every divorce is unique, one certainty is that it will change the lives of everyone involved. Your priorities may involve kids, money, your house, your business, assets you brought into the marriage, or all of these. We are balanced, practical lawyers able to relate to all the concerns you may have about:

  • Establishing child custody and visitation orders that serve the best interests of your children and do justice to your role as a loving father or mother
  • Obtaining a fair and just settlement of all issues associated with division of property and debts
  • Resolving complex issues that arise in a military divorce or a case involving extremely valuable assets such as investment and retirement accounts, real estate holdings or interests in a family business

Uncontested Divorce? Complex Dispute? Call 228-207-2990 For Counsel

At Hornsby Watts, PLLC, we know how to handle your uncontested divorce with maximum efficiency and affordability if you and your divorcing spouse can truly agree on a settlement. However, most divorces require some level of negotiation or litigation — and we are resourceful and relentless on behalf of each client we represent.

You do not have to give in on issues that are important to you. Standing up for your rights does not mean you must endure costly, draining litigation if you choose attorneys who know how to build the best case possible for achieving your goals. For a free initial consultation, contact our Biloxi family law firm anytime.