Experienced Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys In Biloxi

Were you or a loved one seriously injured because of the carelessness of a commercial truck driver?

Accidents that happen when conventional motor vehicles collide with tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers and big rigs can change and end lives in a matter of moments. At Hornsby Watts, PLLC, our experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys are here to help.

W. Fred “Dub” Hornsby and Mark V. Watts have built a track record of success for commercial vehicle accident clients in Biloxi and throughout South Mississippi. These skilled, compassionate lawyers are in your corner, start to finish, when only maximum financial compensation can bring you back from a number of financial hardships.

Our client-focused law firm will aggressively advocate for your rights — from thorough investigation of your accident with a commercial vehicle to negotiations with insurers and forceful litigation against them in court if necessary.

In-Depth Investigation, Skillful Negotiation, Aggressive Litigation That Get Results

Have your truck wreck injuries left you with lost income, medical bills, vehicle replacement costs and the pain and suffering of recovery?

Contact Hornsby Watts, PLLC, today — by phone (228-207-2990) or by email. We can visit with you at your home or hospital room if your injuries prevent you from coming to us.

The contingency fee basis for our work means that you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.