What to do when you get into a car accident while on vacation?

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Spring is one of the busiest seasons on the Gulf Coast. The influx of people on the road also means a higher probability of vehicular accidents. You may be careful behind the wheel, but circumstances aren’t always perfect. A car accident on vacation can be stressful, but staying calm and taking the proper steps can help. 

Ensure your safety first 

The aftermath of an accident is often a chaotic mix of adrenaline and shock. This can mask injuries, making it seem okay even if you’re not. Taking a moment to assess the overall situation and prioritize safety can prevent further injuries to yourself or others. 

  • Check for injuries: Everyone’s safety is the priority. Check yourself and the passengers for injuries. If someone from your group is seriously injured, call 911 immediately. 
  • Contact authorities: Report the accident to the local police, even for minor fender-benders. The police report will be crucial for documentation and insurance purposes. 
  • Gather information: Once safe, exchange contact and insurance information with all drivers. If witnesses are on the scene, get their contact details as well. 
  • Document the scene: Take pictures or videos of the damage to all the vehicles involved. Don’t forget to document the surrounding areas, including traffic signs and road markings. Capture any visible injuries as well. 
  • Seek medical attention: Even if you’re not physically injured and think you’re feeling well, it’s best to get checked by a doctor as soon as possible. Some injuries are internal, and some can take time to manifest. 

Being in an accident on vacation can leave you disoriented and feeling far from home. Don’t hesitate to reach out to loved ones to let them know what happened. Let them know what you need, whether it’s a listening ear or help navigating the next steps.  

What to do after the accident? 

The processes following the accident are also critical in recuperating your losses. A clear head will allow you to process information and respond accordingly while contacting the authorities properly.  

  • Contact your insurance company: Inform your insurance company about the accident immediately. They will advise you on the necessary steps and insurance claims process. 
  • Rental car? Contact the company: If you were using a rental car, notify the rental car company and follow their accident reporting procedures. 

A motor vehicle accident, especially on vacation when you’re supposed to be relaxing and having fun, can be a terrifying and life-altering experience. Remember that staying calm, prioritizing safety, and gathering vital information are essential steps in recuperating after a motor vehicle accident. Be mindful of your legal rights on the road and recover from the accident in your own time and pace.  


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