Common driving actions that contribute to the causes of crashes

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Driving requires constant attention to safety. Certain driving behaviors significantly increase the risk of crashes. Understanding these behaviors can help drivers recognize and mitigate risks, which can make the roadways safer for everyone.

By being aware of how these behaviors affect driving performance, individuals can make more informed decisions behind the wheel, potentially saving lives and reducing the frequency of crashes.


Distractions can range from using a smartphone to conversing with passengers. These distractions take the driver’s attention from the road, which significantly increases the chance of missing critical matters on the road. Even a few seconds of distracted driving can lead to a catastrophic crash. In only five seconds a vehicle moving at 55 miles per hour will go the full length of a professional football field.


Driving while fatigued is another common cause of crashes because it severely impairs judgment, slows reaction times and can even lead to microsleeps—brief periods of sleep that occur while a person is awake. Fatigue is particularly dangerous because drivers often underestimate its effects on their driving capabilities.


Impairment from alcohol, drugs or medications significantly reduces a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. It affects coordination, judgment and reaction times, which makes it challenging to respond effectively to road conditions and the actions of other drivers.


Aggressive driving behaviors, including speeding, tailgating, erratic lane changes and disregarding traffic signals, put all road users at risk. These actions stem from impatience, frustration or outright disregard for traffic laws and the safety of others. Aggressive driving escalates the potential for crashes by reducing the margin for error and the time available to react to sudden changes in road conditions or other drivers’ actions.

Individuals who are struck by a driver who’s doing any of these actions may suffer catastrophic injuries that require costly medical care. They may choose to seek compensation for the financial damages that resulted from the crash. Working with a legal representative who can assist them with the case can empower them to focus on healing from their injuries while their representative keeps their case moving forward.

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