How can changing lanes be regarded as ‘reckless’ driving?

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Lane discipline serves to keep all road users safe, especially on high-traffic roads like I-10. It refers to the practice where a driver remains within their assigned lane unless there is a need to change lanes, make a turn or safely overtake another vehicle. Safely executing these actions implies that the driver is aware of their vehicle’s position within the highway and ensures everyone’s safety before making a lane change.

Otherwise, the driver could cause an accident due to a lack of lane discipline.

Lack of discipline when changing lanes

Reckless driving can often be attributed to a driver leaving their lane without caution, potentially drifting into another lane and causing accidents. This is particularly dangerous on fast-paced highways like I-10. A simple lane change, when executed carelessly, can lead the court to perceive that as reckless driving. Several situations can contribute to this ‘reckless’ behavior, including:

  1. Changing lanes without signaling
  2. Changing lanes abruptly or at high speeds
  3. Cutting off other drivers

If such carelessness leads to injury or damage, the court might hold the driver who failed to maintain their lane accountable for the damages. This is because their negligence resulted in reckless driving, causing damage to vehicles or injuries to individuals.

Being alert in one’s lane and when changing lanes

Not many are mindful of lane discipline. In fact, a 2020 survey of U.S. drivers ages 16 and older found that 21% admitted to tailgating another vehicle or switching lanes quickly. This shows a significant portion of drivers engage in potentially dangerous lane-changing behavior. Drivers must ensure enough space to change lanes safely without disrupting traffic flow. Otherwise, they risk falling into the group of reckless drivers who contribute to traffic accidents and may face legal consequences for their actions.

This information offers some encouragement for Mississippi residents injured by such reckless drivers. Nobody should have to experience such recklessness. However, if they do, they can take comfort in the fact that they have legal options available to hold the reckless driver accountable. Under Mississippi law, drivers must exercise caution when changing lanes, and if they fail to do so, the injured parties can seek justice for damages.

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