A DUI conviction can have far-reaching consequences

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Beyond the possibility of time in jail, fines, or even having to install an ignition interlock device, there is more to a DUI conviction that could end up affecting your quality of life.

The most obvious one is that you’ll end up with a criminal record after being found guilty. It could hamper your job and education opportunities or even prevent you from renting an apartment if the landlord requires a clear record among their tenants. Other aspects of your life are likely to be affected too.

Your career and reputation

There is a risk of getting your professional license suspended or revoked depending on the circumstances surrounding your DUI. In addition, driving while under the influence is considered reckless behavior, and you may lose current or potential customers. Finally, your personal brand and image may be tarnished following a conviction.

Your finances

Besides dealing with court fines, your auto-insurance premiums are likely to go up if you are found guilty. Your risk of causing a crash is deemed higher if you are convicted of vehicular offenses, hence the increased insurance payments. If you had not prepared for such unexpected costs, your financial plans might get scuttled.

If your license is suspended, which is a real possibility, making separate travel arrangements can come with additional costs, such as hiring a driver or using ride-hailing services.

Avoiding a guilty verdict

A well-planned defense plan is your best bet. With the proper knowledge, you can successfully tackle your DUI charges, leading to a dismissal or reduction of the penalties you are facing.

There are many options at your disposal when it comes to defending yourself. Choosing the right one involves learning more about what the law says and the chances you stand with each strategy.


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