Will a casino protect you after winning a jackpot?

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You finally did it! You hit the jackpot at one of the Gulf Coast casinos. It was a hit that put several thousand dollars into your pocket and you are over the moon because of your sudden windfall.

But as you leave the casino and walk toward the parking lot with your winnings in your pocket or purse, a car strikes you and knocks you down. The driver and his accomplice jump out and snatch your new found winnings and take off into the night.

Do you have any recourse?

You definitely may. If the criminals who struck you are apprehended, you could bring a lawsuit against them for their criminal actions. But typically, criminals aren’t usually responsible citizens who carry good insurance policies.

Casinos have the duty to keep their patrons safe

After an assault at a casino that leaves you injured, you may need to initiate a lawsuit against the casino itself. After all, these businesses have a duty to ensure that their patrons are safe from harm while on their premises.

But what does that actually mean?

Premises liability law encompasses many elements that can jeopardize a patron’s safety. Whether it’s a slick spot on a floor that causes a slip-and-fall, a bout of food poisoning from a casino buffet or a lack of security that causes a winning gambler to be assaulted or killed for their winnings, there are all sorts of negligent incidents that can generate a lawsuit against the casino.

In the above hypothetical situation, the operators of the casino knew or should have known that jackpot slot winners are frequent targets of criminals as they head home with their winnings. That’s why most casinos will have their security guards escort high-rolling winners back to their hotels or vehicles when they are finished gambling.

The house always wins — but justice can be won

The motto of all casinos everywhere is “the house always wins.” But that does not mean that casino operators cannot be held accountable for security and safety breaches that occur on their premises.

The last thing that a casino owner wants is a public relations disaster on their hands. Even if an accident or incident somehow doesn’t get covered by the media, they know that from word of mouth and via social media platforms, their casino can be excoriated for failing to take care of its patrons. It’s in their best interests to settle claims.

But they will settle for the lowest amount possible

Unless you have experience and knowledge of the law, you will undoubtedly be offered — and might accept — a settlement offer that is far below the true value of your claim. Seeking legal guidance after an accident at a casino is a wise step to take.

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