Watch out for these summer driving dangers

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Mississippi doesn’t have the weather extremes that come with the changing seasons in many parts of the country. However, summer nonetheless brings added dangers on the roads. Whether you’re staying in Mississippi this summer or your vacation plans include a road trip across the country, it’s important to be aware of them. Let’s look at a few hazards that can plague drivers during the summer months.

Vacationing drivers

More people are on the roads on their way to or from their vacation destination. Many aren’t familiar with the area, so they might be driving slower than the speed limit or making turns or lane changes at the last minute. They may be more interested in sightseeing than keeping up with the flow of traffic, so it’s important to have a little extra patience with them and not let them impact your own driving.

Teen drivers

More teens — many of whom are still not entirely comfortable behind the wheel — are on the road during the summer. Their chances of being involved in a crash are higher than those of the average adult, so it’s essential to take care when you see a young driver.

Bicyclists and motorcyclists

You’re more likely to be sharing the road with people on two wheels in the summer. They can be hard to see and can make sudden, unexpected stops. Therefore, it’s important to be extra cautious about checking your blind spots before you change lanes or make turns.


You’re more likely to encounter road work during the summer than at other times of the year. Remember to slow down, obey all signs and people who are directing traffic around a construction zone and exercise extreme caution.

It’s essential to keep your car properly maintained during the hot, humid summer months in the South. Make sure your tires are properly inflated to avoid sudden, dangerous blowouts. Be sure to have enough coolant to keep your car from overheating. A routine checkup at the beginning of summer or before you head out on a summer road trip is wise.

All of these tips should help you avoid a crash with a driver who may be distracted, impaired or just plain reckless. However, if you are injured in a crash, make sure you know what steps you need to take to get the compensation you need and deserve.

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