Pedestrians have to be cautious when leaving casinos

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When you go to a casino in Biloxi, you expect a day of fun and excitement. You might walk away with a big win, too, and decide to head out to celebrate. It’s typical for people to have a few drinks in the casino, so you might not be completely sober when you leave. You could decide to walk, like most, and go to a local restaurant or bar to celebrate your winnings.

People in this kind of scenario are at risk of being hurt or killed. Why? Distractions such as winning money and being slightly intoxicated combine to make people less aware of their surroundings. As a result, you might not check the roadway before you walk into a crosswalk or could step out into a parking lot without thinking about the potential for drivers to be heading in your direction.

Drivers and pedestrians have a responsibility to prevent crashes

Of course, pedestrians aren’t the only ones who have to be cautious. People who drink at restaurants or the casino might also head out in their vehicles and make mistakes that result in a crash. Even if they’re not over the legal limit, people who are intoxicated can still cause crashes that result in injuries or a loss of life. If that happens, the driver may still face charges for a DUI or reckless driving.

What can pedestrians and drivers do to prevent accidents?

It’s best for both pedestrians and drivers to avoid drinking before they walk or drive to their destinations. If you plan to drink where you’re going, make sure you have a designated driver or can call for a taxi or ride-share service to pick you up. Even if you have to leave your vehicle behind for the night, it’s safer to travel with a sober driver than to attempt to get home when you’re buzzed.

Pedestrians should always remember to look both ways even if they’re entering a crosswalk, since the driver of a passing vehicle may not stop for them. Additionally, pedestrians can help drivers see them by traveling in groups or making sure to wear light-colored clothing when traveling at night.

It is the responsibility of drivers and pedestrians to avoid crashes. Those who are hurt as a result of another person’s actions can pursue a claim and seek compensation to cover their medical bills, lost wages and other financial stresses.

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