What should you do if you suffer an injury at an amusement park?

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This summer, Mississippians will be headed to theme parks, fairs and carnivals, large and small. One of the key draws of these destinations is the rides. The most popular rides are often the ones that provide the biggest thrills. However, as scary as these rides may feel, we don’t really want to be in danger when we’re on them.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in some widely-reported cases, rides and other attractions can malfunction, leaving guests injured and worse. Most injuries aren’t as serious as those that get reported on the national news.

However, they can be painful for the victim and require medical attention and even extended care and rehabilitation. Among the injuries recently listed in a recent report on amusement park injuries were a torn bladder, electrical shock and a ruptured breast implant.

If you or a loved one suffers an injury on a theme park attraction, the good news is that most of these parks will settle the matter rather than let it go to court. Sometimes they’ll do this without a lawsuit being filed.

However, many amusement property owners have gotten smart. They require guests to sign a waiver before entering to help minimize their liability. Don’t be surprised if you’re required to sign a waiver the next time you go to an amusement park, laser tag arena, trampoline or water park or even a putt-putt golf course.

These waivers require guests to assume responsibility for any injuries that are caused by their own actions or negligence. Sometimes, even without a signed waiver, facilities will disclaim liability for injuries for which the guest may bear some responsibility.

A signed waiver doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no right to sue for an injury. For example, many waivers don’t cover gross negligence. Some waivers are so broad that they won’t hold up in court.

The best course of action if you or a family member is injured at an amusement park or similar venue that isn’t willing to compensate you for medical care and other damages is to talk with a Mississippi personal injury attorney. Even if you accept a payment, it’s a good idea to seek legal advice before you sign away any further rights to compensation.

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