Things you should do when making a car insurance claim

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Making a car insurance claim is easier said than done. In addition to any injuries you may be dealing with, you know that saying the wrong thing could work against you in the future.

Here are some of the many things you should do when making a car insurance claim:

  • Call your agent as soon as possible, as you want to inform him or her of your accident
  • Review your car insurance policy to ensure that you know your rights
  • Take detailed notes of every conversation that you have with your agent or any other insurance company representative
  • Take into consideration any other insurance policies that may provide coverage, such as umbrella insurance
  • Stick to the facts and only the facts, as you never want to stretch the truth regarding what happened
  • Make sure you understand what your policy is saying, so that you know what to fight for
  • Keep track of all bills and receipts associated with expenses related to your accident

These are just a few of the many things you should do when making a car insurance claim. While there may be other steps to take along the way, these will put you on the right track.

It’s never easy to make a car insurance claim, as you don’t know if your insurance agent and company will have your best interests in mind, but there are things you can do to tip the scales in your favor. As long as you know your legal rights, you should be able to move forward in a manner that makes you comfortable with the process.

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