Mississippi woman involved in deadly accident in Alabama

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A woman from Mississippi was in Alabama when she was involved in a fatal accident. Though she survived the crash, the three-car wreck took the life of a 23-year-old woman. That woman was from Eight Mile, Alabama.

Per the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the wreck happened just after 4:00 on a Monday afternoon, and it took place near Citronelle.

The initial crash was between a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero, with a man from Chickasaw behind the wheel, and a 2012 Mitsubishi Galant. Driving that Galant was the 23-year-old woman who passed away. Three other people were hurt in the wreck.

After the crash between the Galant and the Alero, the woman from Mississippi slammed into the Mitsubishi. She was driving a 2010 Lexus.

Authorities have said that the woman who died had already passed away at the accident scene, before she could be taken to a local medical center. However, they have not yet determined the reason for the accident or noted if she passed away in the initial crash with the Alero or if she was killed when the Lexus hit her a second later.

The three people who were hurt were taken by emergency crews to a nearby hospital.

The crash happened on U.S. Highway 45, and it shows how a chain reaction wreck can happen in seconds when traffic is traveling at highway speeds. One simple mistake took a life and put three other people in the hospital. When this happens, its important for those who are hurt and the family members of those who are killed to know their legal rights.

Source: AL.com, “Eight Mile woman killed in three-car crash near Citronelle,” Prescotte Stokes III, Aug. 01, 2017

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