Defective stairs can lead to a slip-and-fall accident

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As you constantly traverse up and down sets of stairs, you need to do whatever it takes to remain safe at all times. Unfortunately, even if you’re paying close attention to every step you take, there is a chance you could be involved in an accident.

Defective stairs can cause a serious slip-and-fall accident, often leading to injury or even death. Some of the most common issues include:

  • A missing step or handrail
  • A broken step or handrail
  • Debris, such as paper, that is left on the stairs
  • A rounded or worn out stair
  • Stairs that have been polished or waxed without any warning
  • Neglecting to use a non-skid surface

A property owner is expected to maintain all stairs to ensure that they are 100 percent safe at all times. If a person knows about a dangerous condition and doesn’t do anything to remedy the problem, he or she could be held liable in the event of an accident.

A slip and fall accident on a set of stairs can lead to a variety of injuries, including but not limited to broken bones, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord trauma.

If you are injured in this type of accident, don’t attempt to move from the scene. Instead, call for help right away. You need to receive immediate medical treatment in an attempt to minimize the impact of the accident.

Once you receive treatment and have a plan for the future, it’s time to learn more about your legal rights and if you’re in a position to receive compensation.

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