4 key things to do after a car accident

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Automobile accidents are inconvenient experiences, to say the least. Fortunately for drivers, there is help available to protect your best interests. Knowing the right steps to take after an accident can make all the difference in coming to a reasonable resolution.

Here are 4 things you should do to protect your interests after a car accident.

1. Don’t leave the accident scene

No matter the extent of the damage, major or minor, don’t drive away. This could prevent any possible criminal charges from being filed against you for hit-and-run or leaving the scene of an accident.

2. Evaluate the circumstances

Look around and make sure it’s safe to leave your vehicle. If so, turn on your emergency flashers and then cautiously exit the vehicle. If you have passengers, make sure no one is injured. If they are, call 911 immediately to get medical attention. Unless it is just a minor fender-bender, it is always a good idea to call the police, so you can have the accident documented in an accident report.

3. Document the scene

If you feel safe and comfortable enough, take pictures of the scene: your car, the other vehicle(s) involved, and any visible injuries. Accurate documentation can help you prove your version of the events later on.

When the police arrive, accurately describe what happened the best you can. Give them an objective report of the accident, not simply from your perspective. Only provide facts. Avoid giving information you don’t know or are unsure of. Do not guess, fabricate, or embellish. Exchange your insurance information with the other driver(s) involved.

4. Consider contacting an attorney

Unfortunately, because they are for-profit enterprises, insurance companies do not always have your best interests at heart, as it is their goal to settle for the least amount of money possible. As a result, if you are injured, it is wise to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. The experienced attorneys at Hornsby Watts, PLLC can work to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your medical bills, property damage, missed work and other losses stemming from the accident.

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