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Wet weather requires some simple adjustments for drivers

Rain is a possibility at any time of the year here in Mississippi. However, it seems as though some drivers still haven't learned to make the necessary adjustments to safely navigate the roads in wet weather. You can't control what other drivers do. However, you can take steps to keep yourself and your passengers safe and be prepared when you encounter unsafe drivers.

Keep your car well-maintained

Take special care when driving in rush hour traffic

When you take to the road before or after work, you realize that you may find yourself in heavy traffic. Even if this is something you expect, there's a good chance it will frustrate you nonetheless.

Driving in rush hour traffic means many things, including the fact that you must keep your eyes on the road at all times. Just because traffic has slowed doesn't mean you can fall prey to distractions, such as sending text messages or horsing around with passengers.

Mississippi family settles lawsuit with yacht club, power company

The family of a Mississippi man who lost both of his legs and one of his arms in a tragic accident has settled a lawsuit they filed against the Gulfport Yacht Racing Association and Mississippi Power. Details of the settlement weren't made public.

The incident occurred just over two years ago when the then-20-year-old man was parking a sailboat at the Gulfport Yacht Club. His hand was touching the boat trailer when a cable on the boat came into contact with a power line, causing him to catch fire.

When can others be held liable for an at-fault driver's actions?

Too many people are killed in car crashes caused by drivers who should never have been behind the wheel. It might have been a teenager who didn't have the experience or skills to be driving the family SUV. Perhaps it was an elderly driver who should have had their keys taken away a long time ago, but their family just didn't want to confront them.

You might be able to hold these negligent drivers responsible in civil court, but you may not be able to get anywhere near the compensation you need to cover your loved one's medical expenses and burial costs and fill the financial void that's left if you depended on their income.

How to avoid becoming a casualty while walking your dog

Many of us arrive home from work in the evening to a four-legged family member anxious for the nightly walk. As the hours of daylight decrease this time of year, these walks are more likely to be in the dark.

If you're walking your dog before dawn or after nightfall, it's essential to take added precautions to keep both of you safe. Even if you stay on the sidewalk, if you occasionally need to cross a street, it's crucial to make sure that you're easily visible to motorists.

Preparing your kids for Halloween dog encounters

Before you know it, you'll be getting into Halloween preparation mode with your children. If they're going to be trick-or-treating, it's essential to make sure they know what to do when they encounter a dog. Too often, dogs rush out the door when it's opened and end up running loose --- excited and possibly afraid. Whether your kids are with you or another adult or they and their friends are old enough to venture out on their own, potential dog bites and attacks are something to be aware of.

Even if your kids love dogs and know how to interact safely with them, extra care is required on Halloween. It's a frightening night for many dogs. Strangers are coming to their homes. When they're out for their evening walk, they're seeing kids in costumes carrying unfamiliar objects. They may not recognize kids they know. Normally friendly dogs can react out of fear or the need to protect their home and their people by biting.

Distracted driving comes in many forms

What comes to mind when you think about distracted driving? Many people associate this with nothing more than the use of technology in their vehicle. While this is a common form of distracted driving, there are many others that you need to familiarize yourself with.

Any type of distracted driving is dangerous, as it means you're not focusing your full attention on the road ahead and the vehicles around you. Here are several types of distracted driving that can cause trouble, such as an accident or moving violation:

  • General daydreaming: This is nothing more than becoming lost in your thoughts when you should be paying attention to the task at hand.
  • Cellphone use: With so many ways to use a cellphone, from texting to talking to checking email, it's tempting to do so when driving.
  • Outside event: A lot of things can happen outside your vehicle that distract you. Common examples include staring at the aftermath of a car accident and watching a person on the sidewalk.
  • Passengers: It's common to drive with other people in your vehicle, but you can't let them become a distraction. For example, you should never turn around to see what a child (or pet) is doing in the backseat.
  • Reaching for an object: Maybe you're reaching for your cellphone that you stored in your glove box. Or maybe you lost something under your seat. When you reach for something, you can't keep both hands on the wheel.
  • Drinking or eating: Even if you're thirsty or hungry, you should refrain from doing either while driving. Again, it means that you're unable to keep your hands on the wheel.
  • Adjusting vehicle controls: From the navigation system to the radio, there are many controls you can fiddle with when driving. These can take your eyes away from the road, as well as one or both hands off the wheel.

Mississippi woman awarded $2.4 million in malpractice suit

A Mississippi woman whose doctor performed four surgeries on her -- including an abdominal hysterectomy -- within hours after she gave birth in 2016 has prevailed in court. She was awarded $2.4 million in a malpractice suit against her obstetrician. The Lowndes County jury announced the award earlier this month.

According to the lawsuit, the Hamilton woman's uterus ruptured during childbirth at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle. Her obstetrician performed the surgical procedures to stem the loss of blood caused by the rupture.

Mississippi's DUI laws don't stop all drunk drivers

In recent years, Mississippi has increased its criminal penalties for drunk driving. The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level in our state and throughout the country is .08 percent.

However, some Mississippi drivers can be arrested for DUI with a considerably lower BAC level. For example, if someone is driving as though they are drunk or impaired (for example, swerving, floating between lanes or speeding) and/or if they perform badly in roadside field sobriety tests, they may be taken into custody regardless of what BAC level they register on a Breathalyzer.

The importance of reporting suspected drunk drivers

All of us can save a life -- or maybe multiple lives -- by reporting suspected drunk drivers. If you see someone driving erratically and dangerously, you want to stay a safe distance away from them. However, if you can describe the vehicle and its location to a 911 operator, police may be able to get to the driver and pull them over before they hurt someone, including themselves.

As soon as you can safely make the call to 911 (or one of your passengers can), immediately tell the operator that you're reporting a suspected drunk driver. Give as many details as you can about the vehicle, such as color, make and model. If you can get all or even part of the license plate number, that's even better.

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