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Can movie theaters be held liable for patrons' injuries?

What better way to escape the scorching Mississippi summer heat than to sit in an air-conditioned movie theater for a couple of hours and enjoy the latest superhero film, dinosaur adventures or musical numbers performed by the "Mamma Mia" gang?

We generally don't think of movie theaters as places where we're likely to be injured. However, with the popularity of stadium seating, you're likely to be climbing up and down multiple steps as you find your way to your seat or take a break to use the restroom in the middle of the film.

Can the right footwear keep you safer behind the wheel?

Summer in Mississippi means wearing as little as you can get away with. For many people, that means living in flip-flops.

While these may be the preferred footwear for hot, muggy Mississippi summers, driving in them can be dangerous. They shift around on your feet and can easily slip off. Even if they don't become lodged under the gas or brake pedal, you're left driving barefoot, which isn't safe. Further, if you're searching around for them on the floor, you're not paying attention to the road.

The hidden dangers of pool drains

This time of year, parents pay extra attention to pool safety. They make sure that their young kids know how to swim and stay safe in the pool. One danger that too many parents don't consider involves pool drains. Getting sucked onto and into drains and trapped underwater are genuine dangers. Since the 1980s, at least 36 deaths have been linked to suction entrapment.

What happens is that if a drain isn't properly covered, the force of the suction can literally pull someone down and trap them there. Small children are especially at risk. However, even adults have drowned because they couldn't escape that force. Even those who survive can suffer serious injuries.

Study: Dehydration can be as dangerous as driving drunk

When you're sharing the road with a commercial truck, you hope that the driver isn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol or exhausted from driving for more hours than he or she is allowed. You should also be hoping that the driver isn't dehydrated.

According to a study recently published in Physiology & Behavior, dehydration can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. During the scorching hot summers that we have here in Mississippi, dehydration is a real possibility for drivers who don't take the time to rehydrate regularly, especially if they have to load and unload cargo as part of their jobs. Even making a stop for gas on a hot, muggy day can leave a person craving water or Gatorade.

Casinos create a risk for pedestrian accidents

As someone who enjoys going to the casino, you may be familiar with the risks for pedestrians. You have to cross busy streets, enter parking lots and are exposed to traffic. While this, in and of itself, isn't a bad thing, it can be bad if if drivers aren't aware of the pedestrians' presence. Along with this, the potential for accidents between drunk drivers and pedestrians increases at casinos where alcohol is served freely.

Research done in Las Vegas also applies to the Mississippi Gulf Coast about the elements that make casinos so dangerous for pedestrians. Below are some findings.

Mississippi strawberry farmer killed in crash with logging truck

A Mississippi farmer is dead after a logging truck collided with his pickup truck. The driver of the logging truck was hospitalized for his injuries. The crash occurred the morning of June 7. The man who died was delivering strawberries from his family farm. News video of the aftermath of the crash shows the crumpled remains of the pickup truck.

The intersection where the crash occurred, Highway 302 and Cayce, has seen its share of collisions, in part because of how many factories are in the area. One man who witnessed this fatal crash said, "This happens almost every week. In the last three weeks there's been some serious accidents." He said that the morning hours between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., when this crash occurred, are among the most dangerous times there. The late afternoon/early evening commute hours, between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., are also dangerous.

When can you sue a mental health professional for malpractice?

The very nature of psychiatric treatment can make it difficult to determine — let alone prove — that a doctor is guilty of malpractice. Not all patients have positive outcomes from therapy, for a multitude of reasons. Some therapists just aren't very good. It's important to differentiate between malpractice and poor or inadequate treatment.

There are a number of things that can qualify as malpractice by a psychiatrist or psychologist. These include:

  • Failure to do a proper risk assessment for suicide or to prevent it
  • Prescribing improper medications or not allowing a patient to have informed consent about drugs
  • Having sex with a patient
  • Creating false memories
  • Failing to warn others of potential danger posed by a patient
  • Disclosing confidential information about a patient to others

Tips for safe summer road trips

Most of us will spend at least some of the upcoming summer on a road trip, whether it's a weekend at the lake or a drive to Disney World. No one wants their vacation marred by a crash. We can't control what other drivers do, but there are steps we can all take to protect those in our vehicle.

First, make sure that your vehicle is ready for a road trip. This includes making sure you've got plenty of oil, water and battery life. Be certain the tires are in good shape. A blowout can cause a serious accident.

Mississippi high court grants new trial in malpractice case

Most people have heard stories about surgeons leaving sponges, instruments, towels, gloves and more in a patient during an operation. These aren't just urban legends. It actually happens — far too frequently.

One Mississippi woman is still seeking justice after a surgical sponge was left inside her abdomen when her gallbladder was removed back in 2004.

Drivers beware: Countless Takata airbags remain unfixed

Automakers have recalled millions of motor vehicles over the last 10 years due to potentially deadly Takata airbags. These defective airbags have resulted in 22 deaths throughout the world in addition to countless injuries because they can explode -- even in minor accidents -- shooting metal shrapnel throughout the vehicles that the airbags are supposed to protect.

It's excellent that automakers have instituted "Do Not Drive" notices on cars with the most dangerous Takata airbags. It's excellent that automakers have offered to repair these vehicles for free. The problem is, millions of vehicles have yet to be repaired because owners don't know their cars are affected, or because they have yet to take their automobiles in for a repair.

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