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Shopping injuries: A few things you need to know

It doesn't matter if you enjoy shopping or would rather avoid this at all costs, nothing changes the fact that you will probably find yourself in some type of store a few times per week.

Shopping injuries are all too common, with the potential for you to be part of an accident every time you step foot inside a store.

You must avoid these car insurance claim mistakes

You hope that you never have to make a car insurance claim, as this likely means you were part of an accident. Even though you want to avoid this, it's hard to know what will happen when you take to the road. Accidents happen, and you should be ready to deal with an insurance claim, if necessary.

Here are some of the many car insurance claim mistakes that you need to avoid:

  • Never given a written or recorded statement to your insurance company until you understand your policy and your legal rights.
  • Don't accept the first estimate or settlement offer presented to you by your insurance company. Doing so could result in a situation in which you "shortchange" yourself.
  • Don't sign anything. You should carefully review anything you are asked to sign. If you don't understand what's being presented to you, it's important to have an attorney review the document.
  • Never accept a payment marked as "final." When it comes to a car insurance claim payment, final really means final.
  • Don't delay. You shouldn't wait to report your accident to your insurer and push the process forward. You need to take immediate action.

What should you do after an instance of medical malpractice?

There is nothing worse than the thought of receiving poor medical treatment, as you know that this can have a negative impact on your health and well-being.

If you find yourself in this position for any reason, you should focus on doing what's best for your health. From there, you will want to learn more about medical malpractice, including whether or not you are in position to file a lawsuit against the negligent party.

Do these things to drive safely in high winds

As a driver in the state of Mississippi, there will be times when you are faced with inclement weather. This can include everything from high winds to heavy rain.

If you aren't comfortable driving in high winds, do yourself a favor and pull to the side of the road for the time being. This may slow you from reaching your destination, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Pedestrian safety: there are many things you can do

As a pedestrian, you never know what is going to happen around you. A car could come speeding by as you take a step off the sidewalk. A bus could forget to stop at a red light.

You need to be prepared for everything, as this can go a long way in helping you avoid a serious accident.

You must do these 3 things after a car accident

While there are many things you need to do after a car accident, some steps are more important than others. Since you never know when a car accident could happen, you need to be prepared at all times.

If you find yourself in this position, here are three things you must absolutely do:

  • Check yourself for injuries. There is nothing more important than your health, so this is one of the first things you need to do. Also, help your passengers check for injuries, especially if they are unable to do so on their own.
  • Call 911. You want to make sure that police and an ambulance quickly arrive at the scene. A police officer can create a report, while an ambulance can provide immediate medical attention to anyone who needs it.
  • Don't sign anything. Once you receive treatment and know the ins and outs of your injuries, you can move on with the insurance claim process. You don't want to sign anything until you know exactly what you are doing.

What do you know about head and back injuries?

Many types of accidents can lead to a head and/or back injury. However, these are extremely common in motor vehicle crashes.

Even if you are wearing your seatbelt and your airbags work as intended, there is certainly no guarantee that you will avoid injury.

Medical products are not always safe

When a person opts for a surgical procedure, such as one that calls for the implantation of a medical device, they assume that it will improve their health.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen. For example, a defective medical product could be used, thus causing more harm than good.

Mississippi woman involved in deadly accident in Alabama

A woman from Mississippi was in Alabama when she was involved in a fatal accident. Though she survived the crash, the three-car wreck took the life of a 23-year-old woman. That woman was from Eight Mile, Alabama.

Per the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the wreck happened just after 4:00 on a Monday afternoon, and it took place near Citronelle.

Pedestrian accidents can turn a dream night into a nightmare

You enjoyed a fun night out at the casino. You spent plenty of effervescent time at the bar and even won an unexpected amount of cash at the slot machines. Now, you've decided to walk home, not thinking much of the decision.

As you're trying to cross at the local crosswalk, a driver fails to stop. Your once-enjoyable night out has now turned into the scene from a horror movie. You and your friends have been hit.

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