2 reasons someone’s car crash risk may be higher in the summer

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The summer months are road trip season, when people might drive across state lines to attend a concert or pack their families into a car to hit up a water park. Although plenty of people look forward to traveling during the summer months, not everyone always reaches their destination safely.

The summer actually experiences a small but statistically significant uptick in serious and fatal collisions each year. While people might think that better weather reduces their risk of a crash, the opposite is actually true. Why are the warmer months so dangerous for modern motorists?

1. There are more teenagers on the road

Young adults have yet to finish developing cognitively and therefore often have a hard time making rational, well-informed decisions. They also lack the hands-on experience necessary to respond appropriately to incidents in traffic. The more teen drivers there are on the road, the greater the risk of these inexperienced motorists causing a wreck. Every summer sees a major surge in collisions, including fatal wrecks, involving teenage motorists. The lack of school obligations and the possibility of partying with friends any day of the week can potentially lead to more risk for teenage drivers and anyone who encounters them on the road.

2. Increased summer socialization leads to more risk

There are multiple social holidays during the summer months that see a surge of road travel and family celebrations. The warmer weather also tends to motivate people to get out and see their friends and family more frequently. More social activity and holiday celebrations tend to result in an increased risk of a drunk driving crash, as well as fatigue and distraction-related wrecks. Certain times will see increased risk. The summer holidays, including the Fourth of July, as well as any weekends right before and after those holidays, are among the most dangerous days on the road during the summer months.

Motorists can help keep themselves a bit safer by avoiding unsafe actions during the summer months and watching more carefully for others who may not have made safety their top priority. Tracking and responding to risk factors for motor vehicle collisions can help to keep conscientious individual motorists safer out on the road.

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