Beware a DUI charge during Carnival season

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It’s that time again! For many tourists and residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast communities, Carnival time is the best time of year. While not as frenetic as the New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration, the Biloxi Carnival experience has a more laid-back, beachy vibe.

One prominent feature of Carnival celebrations is alcohol consumption. Even those who usually lead sober lifestyles tend to kick up their heels and have a few drinks at Mardi Gras balls and along the parade routes. But Carnival time is also known as something else.

DUI season has arrived

It is fine to celebrate Carnival at balls, parties and parades. In fact, the local economy depends on this mid-winter boost. But keep in mind there will be an increased police presence on the highways, byways and interstates.

These extra law enforcement officers will be on high alert for all those less-than-sober partiers they can pull over and charge with driving under the influence (DUI). Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, e.g., a routine traffic stop versus being involved in a collision, you could wind up serving time for DUI.

The burden of proof is on the prosecutor

Not all arrests are good arrests that can net prosecutors a win. It might seem like an uphill battle to take on the courts, but you deserve a robust defense to the charges. Even a misdemeanor conviction for drunk driving can affect many areas of your life.

A DUI conviction can close the door to certain types of employment, like medicine or transportation. It can prohibit or severely restrict access to social services and housing. Students may be ineligible to receive scholarships or other types of state or federal loans and grants,

When you have a lot to lose

Don’t leave your future to chance after a DUI arrest. Learn about your legal rights and build your defense immediately.

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