Home inspection tips for Mississippi buyers

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You will have many tasks to complete from the time you find your dream home until you close on the property. Following through on every element of the process protects you from getting saddled with a property in poorer condition than you first believed.

One thing that all Mississippi home buyers should do well before your closing day is to request a thorough inspection of the premise. This one step alone can help you identify and address any problems with the property.

Every home needs an inspection

Some buyers choose to forego an inspection when purchasing a newly constructed home. However, even brand-new properties can contain defects. For maximum protection, always have residential real estate properties—used or new—inspected before closing.

Research multiple inspectors

The home seller may offer up copies of their inspection reports, or a real estate agent could recommend an inspector. However, you should research and choose the home inspector yourself. It is the best way to receive an objective report about the condition of your potential new home.

Accompany the inspector

You do not necessarily have to be present when the inspection occurs. However, it is an excellent way to learn more about the property you want to buy. It also allows you to ask questions throughout the inspection and get immediate answers regarding the home’s condition.

If the inspection identifies major problems or defects, you can negotiate with the seller to have these issues resolved. Typically, this involves negotiating for a lower price or asking the sellers to repair the defects before closing.

Don’t forget that experienced legal assistance can provide critical guidance throughout each stage of the homebuying experience.

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