Can a DUI affect your college education?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | DUI Defense

College is often a time for people to explore the world, expand their knowledge and ultimately find themselves in their newfound freedom – and that sometimes includes drinking. Unfortunately, college students can jeopardize their future by irresponsibly driving after taking a drink. 

A DUI charge can be a scary thought when you consider how it will affect your college education. Can you lose your chance at an education because you were charged with DUI? Here’s what you should know:

A DUI can be a code of conduct violation

Each college requires students to follow a code of conduct. Depending on how strict or lax your college’s code of conduct is toward DUIs, you could face serious consequences. 

Your college may have a zero-tolerance policy against DUIs that serves to protect their image. This can lead to suspension or expulsion from your college. It’s best to contact your school administration to find exact details on their policies. If you are headed toward a disciplinary hearing, you want to know how the outcome of your criminal case could ultimately affect that.

A DUI can lead to loan and scholarship loss

In many cases, a DUI could only affect your student loans – that is, if you are under the legal drinking age. Your college may penalize you more for being under the influence while under the age of 18 to prevent other students from doing the same.

If you were accused of a DUI and fear it might affect your college education then you may need to know your options when looking to clear your name. 

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