Are self-driving cars really accident-proof?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Technology has advanced so far that nearly everything we do can be automated. One of the newest inventions hitting the market is self-driving cars. It took its time, but now we can drive anywhere we want at the readiness of a button.

If you’re an investor in technology, then you know there are always a few kinks to iron out when it comes to a new product — self-driving cars included. A sudden malfunction could send your self-driving car to take the wrong turn right into another driver’s vehicle. Here’s what you should know:

Why would a self-driving car malfunction?

In theory, self-driving cars are supposed to cut down on wrecks. In reality:

  • Your vehicle may have miscalculated its route, which led to your accident. 
  • Your vehicle may have had a hiccup in its programming causing it to suddenly stop on the highway. 
  • Your vehicle may have even been “hacked,” taken over by remote means by someone unknown.

Any product is prone to defects. So when it comes to purchasing a faulty product, it’s up to the manufacturer to ensure nothing is wrong with what they make before it hits store shelves. You may have a cause of action against the manufacturer for your losses.

However, self-driving cars are not yet fully automated, so you’re still expected to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. If you didn’t, you may be responsible for the losses suffered by anybody your vehicle hit.

Where self-driving cars are involved, the law is still developing. If you’re in a wreck with a self-driving vehicle, either as the driver or the victim of another, make sure you explore all the legal options.

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