Key safety tips for young drivers

| Sep 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Young drivers face greater risks than the rest of us. Teens, for instance, have some of the most daunting fatal accident statistics in the country. Their crash rate is higher than any other age group. 

While it’s true that most of this just comes down to experience, there are steps that teens can take to be safer as they build up their driving expertise.

How young people should drive 

If you are a young driver or if you’re working on teaching your teen how to be safe, keep these driving tips in mind:

  • Always obey the speed limits, even when other drivers are not doing so
  • Drive with at least three seconds between cars
  • Stay off of the phone entirely when behind the wheel; even talking is too distracting and increases the odds of a crash
  • Practice driving at night, but spend most of the time on the road during the day
  • Look both ways at stoplights, even when the light is green. 
  • Be wary of driving after certain medications, even if they are legal
  • Remember that driving distractions can be mental, visual or physical
  • Do not drive with unrestrained pets in the car
  • Do not drink and drive, of course, but also remember that drunk driving crashes happen most at night, so avoid taking to the road at problematic times when possible

These tips can be helpful for all drivers — not just teens. Anyone who values safety can use them. However, other drivers may still cause accidents, so everyone also needs to know how to seek compensation if they are injured. Any amount that you cover can help cover medical bills, pay for lost wages and much more.

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