3 common causes of semitruck crashes

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Semitruck crashes can lead to devastating injuries for the victims. Because these trucks are so large and heavy compared to other vehicles, the truckers who operate them must be especially careful when they’re on the roads.

There are some specific hazards that must be factored into the trucker’s driving techniques. Understanding some of the more common causes of crashes can help to avoid them. Every improvement in driving behavior has the potential to save a life.

Driving on unfamiliar roads

Having to travel on roads that aren’t familiar is difficult for anyone, but it can be a real problem for truckers. They might come across obstacles they weren’t expecting and not have the ability to handle them in a safe manner. This is especially true if they’re on rural roads. Things like narrow roads and low bridges may cause issues.

While it is impossible for a trucker to know every road they will have to drive on, trying to learn about the route they will have to take can help tremendously. They should also know their limits for driving so they don’t try to push too far when they’re handling a haul.

Driving too fast

It’s easy to focus on the speed limits on the roadways, but this isn’t always the speed you need to travel. A speed limit is set as the maximum safe speed when conditions on the road are ideal. All drivers need to slow down some when the conditions are less than perfect. Around 23% of semitruck crashes are attributed to driving too fast for weather and other contributing conditions.

It’s suggested that truckers reduce their speed by at least one-third when it’s raining or the roads are wet. This would mean that their hauls would take longer, which may not be acceptable to the trucking company. Still, safety must remain a priority.

Unsafe trucks

The rigs truckers drive should be in good shape. One particular system that must always be in working order is the brakes. Around 29% of semitruck crashes have the brakes as a crash factor. These heavy vehicles must be able to stop properly, so truckers depend heavily on the braking system. Other truck components, such as the hitching system, must also been in good condition.

Anyone who is struck by a semitruck may choose to seek compensation for the damages they suffer. Determining the cause of the crash is crucial.

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