Watch for drunk drivers in a casino parking lot

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Drinking is part of casino culture. Most people who go out to play have at least one drink, even if they’re not staying long. It’s a big part of the revenue for the casino, and many people simply like that atmosphere for drinking more than they like a normal bar or a club.

If you’re leaving the casino, though, that can put you in danger. How many of the other drivers in that parking lot had a bit too much to drink? They haven’t left the lot yet, so the police haven’t had a chance to pull them over, but they could still back into you, drive the wrong way down an aisle, sideswipe your car or make all sorts of other mistakes that could put you in the hospital.

The parking lot risk

In fact, for pedestrians, parking lots are one of the most dangerous places to be. The congestion makes them risky. While the low speeds keep fatalities and serious injuries to a minimum when two cars collide — there’s more risk on the street — the same isn’t true for pedestrians. With no protection, they can easily get seriously injured even at low speeds.

Add into that the fact that many drivers in that parking lot may be buzzed or drunk, and you can see that it’s a recipe for disaster. The parking lot at the grocery store also has a lot of risks, but at least you can assume that most of the drivers are sober.

Free drinks

One reason that casino-goes may be over that legal limit is that casinos sometimes give out free drinks. They often see it as a good investment. They’ll give people food and drinks, counting on those perks keeping them in the casino. Then, those people will lose more money gambling than they saved on the free food. It pays for itself.

They also don’t mind if people get a little drunk in the casino, which can lower their inhibitions. They may be a bit more reckless with their money or make mistakes that cost them when playing games. Are they really giving you those free drinks just to loosen you up a bit so that you’ll pay for the drink by losing a wager you wouldn’t have made otherwise?

Safety risks

It’s a complex issue, but, for pedestrians in these parking lots, the end result of this drinking culture is simple: They are in more danger. They can get hit and injured in a split second during what was supposed to be a fun night out. Those who do get hurt need to know if they can seek financial compensation.

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