Tips for safe driving in a big city

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Driving in Biloxi can have its frustrations. However, driving in a city that’s home to hundreds of thousands of people (or more) can be truly frightening if you don’t do it often. If you’ve recently been in a car crash, you may still be nervous behind the wheel. The thought of having to deal with other drivers (not to mention pedestrians and cyclists) in a busy metropolitan area may feel overwhelming.

What if your holiday travels or work take you to an area known for bumper-to-bumper traffic, inconsiderate drivers and jaywalkers? If you can’t leave the headaches to an Uber or Lyft driver, there are things you can do to help stay safe and (relatively) sane.

Avoid rush hour

If possible, don’t drive in or around large cities during the hours when people are going to or from work. This includes not just metropolitan areas but the roads and highways in and out of them that people who live in the suburbs commute on. Most of the people on the road during rush hour know the roads and are less likely to have patience with out-of-town drivers.

Stay in the slow lane

This is a good rule of thumb if you aren’t familiar with an area. The far-ight lane is intended for slower drivers, so you’re less likely to get someone tailgating you if you stay there. However, don’t go so slowly that you’re posing a danger to others.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians

Large cities can have a busy crosswalk on every block. Some pedestrians are slower than others. Make sure that you have the green light and that all pedestrians have crossed the street before you proceed into the intersection.

Unfortunately, many people choose to jaywalk. You need to give these pedestrians the right of way, too. Watch for stopped taxis and other cars, as they may be letting people out who cross the street where they shouldn’t.

Be on the lookout for cyclists

Metropolitan areas tend to have a lot of bicycle traffic. Check your mirrors regularly and be careful of your blind spots when you’re changing lanes or parking. Give cyclists plenty of space.

Unfortunately, crashes can happen no matter how careful we are. If you’re injured by an at-fault driver, just make sure you seek the compensation you need to deal with your expenses and damages.

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