Far too many drivers are operating vehicles while distracted

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Drivers on 1-10 who are going to and from the casinos in the Gulf Coast area must ensure that they are giving their full attention to driving duties. When they don’t, they are putting other people at risk of suffering from injuries or death. Distracted driving is responsible for around 15% of accidents with injuries and 10% of fatal crashes.

People don’t realize just how vast of an issue distracted driving really is. These crashes are often under-reported, so it is difficult to accurately report on the number of actual cases that are due to this fact. Another issue is the sheer number of reasons why drivers might not give their full attention to the road.

Categories of distractions

There are three primary categories of distractions that drivers face. Some actions might fall into more than one of these forms.

  • Cognitive: The driver’s mind isn’t fully on their driving.
  • Manual: The driver takes their hands off the steering wheel.
  • Visual: The driver’s eyes aren’t on the road.

One example of an activity that encompasses all three types of distractions is texting. The driver has to use a hand to get to the text, take their eyes off the road to read the text and think about what the text says.

Common distractions for drivers

A lot of different things can cause a driver to become distracted. Looking at billboards on the side of I-10, talking to passengers, adjusting the climate control, fixing GPS, putting on makeup, eating or drinking, reaching for something, or using a phone can all lead to drivers being too distracted to drive.

While some drivers realize what a serious hazard these actions are, many of them continue to do them. At least 84% of drivers know that a cellphone is a distraction, but around 36% of those same individuals note that they have sent or read an email or text message within the 30 days prior to being surveyed.

Reason distractions are a hazard

The primary reason why distracted driving is a hazard is that it takes away the ability of the driver to react appropriately to obstacles when they drive. When you are going highway speeds, even a short distraction can lead to a crash. A vehicle that’s traveling at 55 miles per hour will move the length of a football field in only five seconds. That’s the average time it takes to read or send a short text. There is a lot of opportunity for something to happen in that distance.

Victims of distracted driving crashes might opt to seek compensation for the damages they have to live with. These include financial matters like medical bills, as well as others like pain and suffering. There are strict limits for how long they have to file, so they should do this quickly after the crash.

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