Pedestrian safety tips to keep you safe around Biloxi casinos

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People come from all over to enjoy the nightlife and gambling opportunities that Biloxi offers. Whether you are a local resident blowing off some steam at the casino or a tourist from out of state, it’s important that you take steps to protect yourself from the potential accidents and injuries an entertainment district creates.

With popular attractions come increased traffic levels, plenty of alcohol flowing and the ongoing risk of pedestrian crashes caused by motor vehicles. Those who visit the Biloxi casinos often make the smart choice of not getting behind the wheel after drinking. Those same people may want to consider learning special pedestrian safety tips to reduce the risk of an accident.

Don’t let distraction or intoxication leave you at risk

While it is always a better choice to walk instead of driving after you have had a few drinks, you need to be especially careful when crossing the street or walking across a parking lot if you have alcohol in your system. Alcohol can affect your decision-making and your reaction time, which may mean that you don’t notice the vehicle speeding at you until it’s too late. Roughly half of all fatal pedestrian crashes involve alcohol.

Ideally, having a sober friend with you can help you avoid making mistakes. However, being careful to monitor your surroundings can help you eliminate most of the risk. The single most important strategy is to not exacerbate your impairment by also engaging in distraction.

While you may want to meet up with your friend at the next place you intend to visit, you should send the text to them before you start walking on the sidewalk. You should also never attempt to cross the road while looking down at your phone. Whether sober or drunk, pedestrians drastically increase their personal risk if they step out into the street while using their phones.

Be aware of visibility issues in the evening and at night

Getting dressed up often means wearing dark colors, and while that may make you feel fancy, it could also make it harder for drivers to see you on the side of the road or while crossing the street. Wearing bright colors can help improve your visibility.

Consider walking along routes that are well lit and only crossing at designated crosswalks, which will increase the likelihood that drivers will spot you as they approach in their vehicles.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are as a pedestrian, the potential is always there for a driver to cause a crash. Drivers who are distracted, drunk or speeding put pedestrians at increased levels of risk. If you have suffered serious injuries in a pedestrian crash in the Biloxi area, you may have the right to hold the driver accountable for the injuries you suffered.

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