Pedestrians in Biloxi at risk of crashes caused by motor vehicles

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Biloxi is a tourist destination for people all over Mississippi and well beyond. With plenty of entertainment venues and casinos galore, Biloxi has ample opportunities for vacation fun and entertainment.

Unfortunately, along with that fun comes increased potential risks. Pedestrians headed down the streets of Biloxi could find themselves hurt by inattentive drivers. There are certain risk factors you should watch out for to stay safe when walking.

Drivers after dark may not see you walking

The evening and night hours are some of the busiest times for casinos and other entertainment venues. People will flow in and out of buildings, socializing with one another and barely paying attention to the world around them.

The focus on your companions or your phones isn’t unique to you as a pedestrian. People driving on the streets will also likely have their attention split between the task at hand and their passengers or phone. Combine that with low light and reduced visibility, and the situation quickly becomes one that is hazardous for pedestrians.

Flashlights and reflectors may not be an option, particularly if you have decided to dress up for your evening out. However, you can choose to cross streets at marked crosswalks and to stay close to street lights when you have to interact with traffic. Doing this can reduce your risk of a driver not seeing you.

Distraction is dangerous for pedestrians just like for drivers

So, you are leaving one venue and headed to another. You want to make sure that your friends will arrive at the same time you do. Before you start to cross the street, you should finish sending that text message and put your phone away.

Staring down at your phone instead of the sidewalk or the road in front of you will leave you less able to monitor traffic. While drivers should be watching for you, you must also pay attention to avoid drivers who aren’t being as safe as possible at the wheel.

Watch out for signs of impairment

With entertainment opportunities come the potential to overindulge. If you see drivers swerving, driving without their headlights on late at night or otherwise behaving in a suspicious manner, your best option is to give the vehicle a wide berth. Stay off the road until the vehicle passes or moves to the opposite edge of the sidewalk.

Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have increased response times that drastically increase the risk of a crash. Sadly, even if you take every responsible step, irresponsible drivers could still cause a pedestrian crash that leaves you severely injured, as pedestrian crashes are on the rise.

In that scenario, you may want to sit down with an experienced Mississippi personal injury attorney to talk about your options for compensation as an injured pedestrian.

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