Casinos create a risk for pedestrian accidents

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As someone who enjoys going to the casino, you may be familiar with the risks for pedestrians. You have to cross busy streets, enter parking lots and are exposed to traffic. While this, in and of itself, isn’t a bad thing, it can be bad if if drivers aren’t aware of the pedestrians’ presence. Along with this, the potential for accidents between drunk drivers and pedestrians increases at casinos where alcohol is served freely.

Research done in Las Vegas also applies to the Mississippi Gulf Coast about the elements that make casinos so dangerous for pedestrians. Below are some findings.

Distractions are a primary cause of collisions

One of the main causes of collisions is distractions. When a driver is paying attention to interesting features, congested traffic or other non-driving matters, he or she may not be focused on pedestrians attempting to cross the street or parking lot.

Distractions are also a problem for pedestrians. As they talk to one another, listen to music, chat on their cell phones or text, they’re not focused on the road. They could end up injured badly in a collision.

Drunken pedestrians and drivers are a risk, too

After an afternoon or evening at the casino, there is always a risk of people leaving while intoxicated. Generally speaking, the casino should stop serving drinks to those who appear intoxicated, but that doesn’t always happen.

If a person leaves while intoxicated, he or she may end up causing a collision. For example, a drunk pedestrian could end up walking into the road unexpectedly, or a drunk driver could pass through an intersection without looking both ways. In either case, there is a definite risk of serious injuries or death to the pedestrian as a result of the collision.

What should you do if you plan to go to the casino?

Opt out of walking home if you plan to drink. Call a ride-sharing service, a friend or a taxi to take you home safely. If you drove to the casino, it’s safer to leave your vehicle for the night and to come back for it when you’re sober in the morning than it is to drive it home, even if you live nearby.

No one wants to cause or get into an accident. Keep this in mind when you are at a casino, and plan for the worst-case scenario. Making plans to get home safely will make a difference in your live and the lives of others.

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