You must avoid these car insurance claim mistakes

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You hope that you never have to make a car insurance claim, as this likely means you were part of an accident. Even though you want to avoid this, it’s hard to know what will happen when you take to the road. Accidents happen, and you should be ready to deal with an insurance claim, if necessary.

Here are some of the many car insurance claim mistakes that you need to avoid:

  • Never given a written or recorded statement to your insurance company until you understand your policy and your legal rights.
  • Don’t accept the first estimate or settlement offer presented to you by your insurance company. Doing so could result in a situation in which you “shortchange” yourself.
  • Don’t sign anything. You should carefully review anything you are asked to sign. If you don’t understand what’s being presented to you, it’s important to have an attorney review the document.
  • Never accept a payment marked as “final.” When it comes to a car insurance claim payment, final really means final.
  • Don’t delay. You shouldn’t wait to report your accident to your insurer and push the process forward. You need to take immediate action.

Final tip: when you purchase car insurance, your policy is a legal contract. You should receive the benefits as outlined by the policy.

These are just a few of the many car insurance claim mistakes that you absolutely want to avoid.

It’s never easy dealing with a car insurance company after an accident, especially if you are also being treated for serious injuries. Despite the challenges that often come with this, you should do your best to make all the right decisions along the way.

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