What do you know about head and back injuries?

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Many types of accidents can lead to a head and/or back injury. However, these are extremely common in motor vehicle crashes.

Even if you are wearing your seatbelt and your airbags work as intended, there is certainly no guarantee that you will avoid injury.

Head injuries are among the most serious in a car accident, as this can change your life forever.

In a high speed collision, for example, your head could strike the window, dashboard, or steering wheel. This can lead to a variety of injuries, from a concussion to a coma.

Head injuries have a way of causing long-term problems, such as hearing loss, vision issues and difficulty concentrating.

Back injuries are just as common in car accidents, with damage to the spinal cord among the most serious. Depending on the type of accident and injury, it’s possible that you could end up paralyzed.

Even a “minor” back injury can cause major pain and discomfort in the days, weeks, and months following the accident.

Due to the potential severity of a head and back injury, don’t hesitate to receive medical attention. You should never attempt to leave the scene of an accident if you are injured. Instead, stay put until an ambulance arrives.

Once you know the cause of the accident and the injuries you are contending with, it’s much easier to decide which steps to take next. For many people, this means seeking compensation from the negligent party. You have many options for doing so, so don’t leave any stone unturned. Your life may be changed forever, and now you need to protect yourself.

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