3 dangers of walking drunk after leaving a casino

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Heading to the casino for a night on the down is in your plans, and that means you and your friends might end up a little tispy. Walking through town when intoxicated could lead to a public intoxication charge, and it puts you at risk of being involved in an accident. Fortunately, whether you’re hit by a drunk or dangerous driver or are accused of public intoxication, your attorney can help.

You might not think walking while drunk is a big deal, but here are three ways you could get hurt.

1. You could cross into traffic

One of the first reasons you should never walk drunk is the potential for making life-threatening errors. Have you ever walked out into traffic before? Probably not, at least not when sober. When you’re intoxicated, there’s a higher likelihood that you could make a fatal mistake, like trying to cross where there is no crosswalk or stumbling into traffic despite a “do not walk” signal flashing.

2. You may stumble and hurt yourself

Another thing that can go wrong is that you could fall and hurt yourself. You are less likely to have good coordination when you’re intoxicated, and that means you’re more likely to trip, slip or fall in other manners. Whether it’s a small part of the sidewalk sticking up that trips you or an obvious tree or bench you collide with, the potential for getting hurt when you’re drunk is higher than when you’re not.

3. You could make poor decisions

One of the worst effects of alcohol is the ability for it lead to poor decision-making. Those decisions might get you into dangerous situations. For example, perhaps you think it’ll be fun to chase a pedestrian who is crossing the road, but you fail to see that you don’t have time to cross. You get hit by a car, and now you’re left with injuries. If you’re approached by police, being aggressive or evasive could end up landing you in jail for the night and mean you have a public intoxication misdemeanor to contend with.

These are just three ways in which walking drunk after heading to the casino can end up causing you trouble. Whether it’s a poor interaction with police or injuries from falling, the best bet is to walk when sober or to have a sober companion with you. If you’re involved in an accident that you caused or are accused of public intoxication, your attorney can help to defend you.

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