Shopping-related injuries are more common than you think

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Shopping can be an enjoyable respite from the responsibilities of our lives if it means going to Dillard’s or some other department store. Whether we have time for that or not, most all of us go to the grocery store at least once a week. However, shopping-related injuries can occur, and in many cases the store is to blame.

Slip-and-fall injuries are common, particularly in grocery stores where something may have been spilled on the floor and not promptly cleaned up or at least roped off or marked to caution shoppers that the floor is slippery.

Sometimes displays are stacked too high or not secured safely. These can topple down and cause serious head and body injuries.

We’ve all seen videos of injuries (sometimes fatal ones) that occur on “Black Friday” and other sale days when hundreds of people rush into a store in search of bargains. Stores have a responsibility to provide adequate security to manage these situations.

The dangers aren’t confined to the interior of the store. Retailers and shopping center management have an obligation to ensure that there is proper lighting in the parking lot to help prevent crime and that there aren’t holes or cracks in the pavement that can cause serious injuries if someone trips on them.

If you have been injured inside of a store or outside of it, you should seek legal guidance to determine whether you have the grounds for a civil lawsuit against the retailer or the shopping center management. Not only will this help you seek the compensation you need to help pay for the treatment you need to heal from your injuries, but it can help prevent injuries to others.

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