5 big mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Mississippi

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2016 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are common, but that doesn’t make them any less scary or stressful. That’s why most people feel frazzled and have trouble thinking clearly in the seconds, minutes and hours following a car wreck. Unfortunately, this can lead to mistakes that end up costing individuals a lot of money.

Here are examples of several mistakes that should be avoided after a car accident in Mississippi:

1. Admitting fault. Even if you initially think you were at fault for the accident, it is possible that you are missing information and the other driver or another factor could at least be partially at fault. If you admit fault to the police or the other driver right away, this can be used against you later on.

2. Not taking pictures. Any amount of evidence you have from the scene of the accident will be very helpful in your personal injury case, including photos of the vehicles, the accident scene and your injuries, which you can take easily with your phone. Recording video of witness statements is even better.

3. Not getting medical treatment. Many people avoid going to the doctor after a car accident because they think their injuries are minor. This can be used against you by the insurance companies, who will argue that you injuries must not have been that bad if you didn’t seek treatment right away.

4. Giving a recorded statement to the insurance company. Insurance company adjusters often try to bully accident victims into giving recorded statements, which are used for one purpose: To limit your compensation. It’s simply too risky to provide a statement, even if you don’t think you did anything wrong.

5. Not seeking advice from an attorney. People don’t realize that getting the compensation you deserve after a car accident is not easy, especially in a state like Mississippi. You need an effective personal injury lawyer on your side to protect your rights and maximize your compensation.

A car accident can really mess with your head — both literally and figuratively. Don’t let the stress and emotions involved cause you to make one of the mistakes discussed above.

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