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Posts tagged "Premises Liability"

The hidden dangers of pool drains

This time of year, parents pay extra attention to pool safety. They make sure that their young kids know how to swim and stay safe in the pool. One danger that too many parents don't consider involves pool drains. Getting sucked onto and into drains and trapped underwater are genuine dangers. Since the 1980s, at least 36 deaths have been linked to suction entrapment.

What should you do if you suffer an injury at an amusement park?

This summer, Mississippians will be headed to theme parks, fairs and carnivals, large and small. One of the key draws of these destinations is the rides. The most popular rides are often the ones that provide the biggest thrills. However, as scary as these rides may feel, we don't really want to be in danger when we're on them.

Shopping-related injuries are more common than you think

Shopping can be an enjoyable respite from the responsibilities of our lives if it means going to Dillard's or some other department store. Whether we have time for that or not, most all of us go to the grocery store at least once a week. However, shopping-related injuries can occur, and in many cases the store is to blame.

Casinos want drunken gamblers, increasing risks

Wondering why the risk for pedestrians and sober drivers is so high when driving near a casino? Part of the reason is that casinos may end up over-serving their patrons. This can increase DUI accidents, which are often tragic when both parties are in motor vehicles and which can get far worse when one party is a pedestrian just trying to walk down a sidewalk or use a crosswalk.

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