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Posts tagged "Medical Malpractice"

Why should you try to avoid hospitals over the holidays?

Many of our readers have probably heard that it's best to avoid going to the hospital, if you can, during the holiday season. Many people decide to get elective surgery done in the latter weeks of the year while they have time off and before their insurance deductibles kick in for the new year.

Study: Hospital staff should be encouraged to report errors

It's understandable that medical professionals may be hesitant to report errors for fear of disciplinary action by their employers, as well as potential liability. However, a study by St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital found that by reporting so-called patient safety events, hospital staff can improve patient care and safety in the future.

The dangers of poor communication by medical professionals

If you or a loved one has been hospitalized recently, you may have felt overwhelmed by the seemingly dizzying number of medical personnel in and out of the room administering medications and doing all types of poking and prodding. You may have wondered how they all stay on the same page regarding your care.

What's behind most plastic surgery malpractice claims?

Most people who undergo plastic surgery do so to feel better about themselves, to remove a physical flaw or simply minimize the many signs of aging that are unavoidable. However, too many of these surgeries result in serious and even fatal injuries.

Why a move to cap malpractice payouts could be on the horizon

According to the Wall Street Journal, life insurance premiums are rising, and insurers are blaming the low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve in recent years, which they say have impacted their investments and therefore their bottom lines. Medical malpractice premiums, according to the report, likely won't be far behind.

Doctors accused of sexual abuse often avoid the justice system

When doctors sexually abuse patients, not only may they be breaking the law, but they are violating the all-important doctor-patient relationship. However, many doctors accused of sexual misconduct have been able to avoid not only the legal system, but professional sanctions.

How can electronic health records cause medical errors?

Those of us who are old enough to remember when doctors kept our records in file folders, clipboards with our information hung at the foot of our hospital beds and physicians scrawled barely-legible prescriptions on pieces of paper may still be getting used to our medical records being accessed via laptops and tablets. Electronic health records have improved patient documentation and reduced the problems caused by misread handwriting. However, EHRs also come with their own set of problems that can result in medical errors -- sometimes serious ones.

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