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June 2020 Archives

Misdiagnosis can lead to significant harm to patients

The last thing that you expect when you go to the doctor is to be misdiagnosed; however, this is a possibility. There are times when a doctor might not review all the applicable information or they might not come to the right conclusion about what's going on with you. While a misdiagnosis isn't always a life-threatening issue, it's possible that you will face considerable harm because of it.

What you need to know before your nanny drives your kids

If you're considering hiring a nanny, you'll likely need them to drive your children at some point. Even if driving them to school, extracurricular activities or play dates won't be a regular part of the routine, they may need to drive them somewhere if you can't make it home in time for an appointment or if there's a medical emergency. That's why it's crucial to check out their driving record and see their driving skills first-hand before you hire them.

When can you file a wrongful death suit over a car crash?

Any time someone is killed by an at-fault driver, it's tragic. The driver may face criminal charges for their actions. The victim's surviving family members can seek compensation from the driver in civil court. However, when does it rise to the level of a wrongful death case?

You can lessen your chances of being hit while bicycling

Do you ride your bicycle around the neighborhood to get some exercise and fresh air or you depend on your bike to get where you need to go? Either way, you probably already know that not all drivers are as cognizant of bicyclists as they should be. Some even seem to resent the fact that they have to share the road with them.

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