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March 2020 Archives

Why a still-developing brain makes teen drivers more dangerous

Ask just about any parent of a teen if they think their child's brain is fully formed, and they'll probably tell you it doesn't seem like it sometimes. In fact, the frontal lobe isn't fully developed until a person is in their early 20s.

Drunk drivers have no place on the roads

You were traveling home from a friend's house when you saw an unusual pair of lights ahead of you. You thought for a second that someone was driving in the opposite lane, but it didn't take long to realize that they were actually headed straight for you.

Why lack of racial diversity among doctors can be dangerous

It's an unfortunate reality in this country that there are significant health disparities between white patients and those of other racial and ethnic groups -- particularly black patients. Some of these are caused by unequal treatment by physicians and other health care providers. At least part of the problem is that black patients are less likely to trust white doctors than black ones.

Evidence can be key to a successful claim after a fall

Many people who are injured in falls are reluctant to file a claim against property owners who may bear some responsibility for a dangerous situation. Victims may be embarrassed about the fall and not want to call any more attention to themselves than they already have. They may believe that their own clumsiness caused it. Older people or those with mobility issues may fear that they won't have a chance for a successful claim because the property owner will blame the fall on their physical limitations.

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