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September 2019 Archives

When can homeowners be held liable for Halloween injuries?

For some people, Halloween is a chance to go all out with decorations, costumes and scary pranks. When they get a little too caught up in making their home a Halloween adventure for trick-or-treaters, serious injuries can occur. Homeowners can also be held liable for them, no matter how well-meaning they might have been.

What do patients experience during 'anesthetic awareness?'

One of the many fears that patients have before surgery is that the anesthesia might wear off too soon, and they'll wake up during the procedure. The phenomenon of "anesthetic awareness" is relatively rare (although exact numbers vary widely depending on which study you look at). Not surprisingly, it's more common in surgeries where smaller amounts of anesthesia are used -- such as in emergency C-sections.

Things to watch for at the scene of a car crash

For many people, their immediate reaction after a motor vehicle collision is to inspect themselves and their passengers for obvious signs of injury. While this is typically an intelligent approach to take, assessing yourself for wounds or signs of trauma is not the only thing that you need to do.

Why not having a name at birth can be dangerous in a hospital

Babies who are twins, triplets and quadruplets sometimes have to spend time in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) because they are underweight or have other health issues. If they're born prematurely, their parents may not have chosen names for them yet. In some religions, such as Judaism, parents don't announce a child's name for a specific period after they're born.

Lawsuit for fatal Mississippi charter bus crash moves forward

When people take a charter bus, whether on an extended tour or a day trip, they're placing their lives in the hands of a bus company and driver they may know little or nothing about. Unfortunately, one of those trips ended in tragedy last November here in Mississippi. The Teague VIP Express bus was taking a group to a Mississippi casino when it crashed on an icy section of Interstate 269 in Desoto County.

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