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August 2019 Archives

How to merge safely when getting on a busy road

For people who don't regularly drive on highways and interstates, merging onto these busy roads can be one of the most frightening aspects of driving on them. One of the most common errors that drivers make is to not get fully up to the speed of the traffic on the road before they merge onto it from the onramp.

Dying Green Beret fights for changes to law

One Army sergeant who was wounded while serving in Iraq is using what are likely his final months of life to fight for the right of active duty service members to sue the government for medical malpractice. They are currently prohibited from suing for malpractice or negligence of any kind because of the Feres Doctrine. It's named for a U.S. Supreme Court decision from 1950.

What does 'informed consent' entail?

Most of us don't have medical training, so we rely on our doctors to give us clear, complete, honest information about any condition we have. We also rely on them to explain all treatment options. We typically ask our doctors (or they just tell us) what treatment they would recommend. However, ultimately, the decision is ours to make.

8 forestry workers killed in rural Mississippi crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is still investigating "all aspects" of a fatal crash on June 3 near Scooba, Mississippi, that claimed the lives of eight people. Among them were four brothers. The NTSB's preliminary report, however, provides some information about what happened on a rural two-lane highway when a box truck struck a van in which the eight people who died were traveling.

Leaked documents reveal details about Neil Armstrong's death

Just as the world was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, word of a previously confidential $6 million settlement by Neil Armstrong's family and the hospital where he died in 2012. Documents regarding the settlement, which was reached two years later, were leaked to various news organizations.

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