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February 2019 Archives

New study shows link between opioid use and fatal crashes

We all know about the opioid epidemic in this country. Overuse of opioids -- even prescribed dosages -- can lead to addiction and overdoses. Perhaps less attention has been paid to the impact of opioids on drivers and the safety of all of us on the road -- even when taken as directed.

10 factors that make car accidents more likely

You feel safe on the road because you've been driving for decades and you've never been in a serious accident. Maybe you commute to work every single day. Eventually, despite the news stories and the statistics, you stop worrying about accident risks. It looks like whatever you're doing is working.

Federal agency investigating rash of fatalities near school buses

Last November, we discussed a crash in Mississippi that claimed the life of a 9-year-old boy on Halloween. He was struck as he crossed a road to get on his school bus. That crash was one of a number of similar incidents over a short period that killed children at or near school bus stops.

When do doctors and nurses think it's okay to lie to patients?

Most people assume that doctors and other medical providers are obligated to tell patients and family members the truth. After all, how else can we make informed decisions about our health care? Therefore, a recent poll of doctors and nurses (including advance practice registered nurses) may be unsettling. The website Medcape surveyed 286 doctors and 362 nurses.

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