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January 2017 Archives

Commercial truck accidents can have long-term consequences

When most people worry about vehicular collisions, they imagine an accident occurring between their vehicle and another private passenger vehicle. For thousands of Americans every year, however, the accident actually takes place between their vehicle and a larger commercial truck. Commercial trucking accidents represent a serious concern for those on the roads and expressways. Their overall size and weight make them capable of causing a massive amount of property damage, as well as catastrophic personal injuries, even including death of those in the other vehicle.

How do Mississippi's VA medical centers rate?

If you or a family member relies on a hospital run by the Department of Veterans Affairs for medical care, you now have access to ratings for the 146 VA medical centers across the country. The VA has always rated its facilities on a one-to-five scale in order to determine which ones need improvement, with five being the best. However, late last year, the VA began publishing the information on its website.

Are female doctors better than their male counterparts?

Everyone wants to have the best possible doctor, whether for annual check-ups, treatment of a serious or chronic condition or major surgery. A doctor's gender should be irrelevant. However, a recently-published study by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, found that outcomes for patients with female doctors were better than for those with male doctors.

Casinos want drunken gamblers, increasing risks

Wondering why the risk for pedestrians and sober drivers is so high when driving near a casino? Part of the reason is that casinos may end up over-serving their patrons. This can increase DUI accidents, which are often tragic when both parties are in motor vehicles and which can get far worse when one party is a pedestrian just trying to walk down a sidewalk or use a crosswalk.

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