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September 2016 Archives

What's behind most plastic surgery malpractice claims?

Most people who undergo plastic surgery do so to feel better about themselves, to remove a physical flaw or simply minimize the many signs of aging that are unavoidable. However, too many of these surgeries result in serious and even fatal injuries.

Pedestrian right-of-way and other safety tips

Many of us have been in the situation where we are driving down the road and see a pedestrian trying to cross. Should we stop and let the person cross? What if the other driver doesn't stop and we put the pedestrian in harm's way? Does the pedestrian ever have the right-of-way?

Woman sentenced more than 2 years after fatal Mississippi crash

A Mississippi woman could spend the next decade and a half behind bars for a March 2014 drunk driving crash that killed one man and seriously injured another. Not only was she intoxicated at the time of the collision, but she was also texting and speeding, according to investigators.

Why a move to cap malpractice payouts could be on the horizon

According to the Wall Street Journal, life insurance premiums are rising, and insurers are blaming the low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve in recent years, which they say have impacted their investments and therefore their bottom lines. Medical malpractice premiums, according to the report, likely won't be far behind.

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